Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Making Of Dance Of Passion

This clip is kind of the making of Dance Of Passion. It was aired yesterday in Hong Kong TVB channel
Download Here**must download**
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Megaupload Link (credit to hei)

Dance Of Passion Pictures from TVB

Friday, April 28, 2006

New Pearl Of Orient Pictures

--> Charmaine with Liza Wang and Paul Chun

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dance Of Passion Updates

--> Dance Of Passion official TVB website. Click below picture to enter

林保怡 (閻萬曦) 蔡少芬 (焦玉) 黎姿 (計明鳳)

陳豪 (宋東昇) 佘詩曼 (家春分) 邵美琪 (舒朗月)

--> Charmaine with Maggie

--> Charmaine alone

--> Charmaine with Gigi

--> Charmaine with Moses

--> Group picture
--> Huge picture of Dance Of Passion (only post those with Charmaine inside. For other huge pictures visit Sehseh Blog)

--> Passionate kiss

Audio Clips Performance By Charmaine Sheh in 2002
Audio Clips **reuploaded (request by Jupi)**
A Short Clip of Return Of The Cuckoo
ROTC (Charmaine in long hair)
The new DOP clip from scoop

DOP Clip 4 **new**
DOP Clip 3 **clearer version**

DOP Clip 2**clearer version** (The One that is Most Picky)

DOP Clip **clearer version** (The One that Suffered the Most)

DOP Premiere Clip **clearer version**