Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dance Of Passion Updates

--> Dance Of Passion official TVB website. Click below picture to enter

林保怡 (閻萬曦) 蔡少芬 (焦玉) 黎姿 (計明鳳)

陳豪 (宋東昇) 佘詩曼 (家春分) 邵美琪 (舒朗月)

--> Charmaine with Maggie

--> Charmaine alone

--> Charmaine with Gigi

--> Charmaine with Moses

--> Group picture
--> Huge picture of Dance Of Passion (only post those with Charmaine inside. For other huge pictures visit Sehseh Blog)

--> Passionate kiss

Audio Clips Performance By Charmaine Sheh in 2002
Audio Clips **reuploaded (request by Jupi)**
A Short Clip of Return Of The Cuckoo
ROTC (Charmaine in long hair)
The new DOP clip from scoop

DOP Clip 4 **new**
DOP Clip 3 **clearer version**

DOP Clip 2**clearer version** (The One that is Most Picky)

DOP Clip **clearer version** (The One that Suffered the Most)

DOP Premiere Clip **clearer version**


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