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Updates On Charmaine

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Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Sherming Yiu, Winnie Shum and Ram Tseung were among the cast members from "Maiden's Vow" who gathered yesterday at the Dragon Centre in Shamshuipo for a promotional event. With Mid-Autumn festival not far off, the artistes played some kissing games and although there was a piece of plastic between them, they still put their hearts into it, especially Charmaine and Joe, who seemed particularly serious about their kiss. Afterwards, they split into teams to design a lantern before handing out mooncakes to the audience.

Charmaine was asked whether she felt Joe was a little aggressive with his kiss, but she smiles that she doesn't know, saying: "We should put our hearts into everything we do and this was just a game. There was a piece of plastic there too so it is all a healthy stunt to push up the ratings." With the show gaining a peak of 34 points, Charmaine says she is very satisfied with this because it was very hard work to film this series because she appears in almost every scene and some shoots lasted 18 hours. To see this success makes her very happy. She smiles: "I am very greedy though, so I hope that the ratings for the next part will be even higher. (Does the high ratings improve your confidence of winning an award?) It is too early to say, there are still many scenes to be aired." Joe pledged that he will allow himself to be kissed freely for five minutes in public if the ratings reach 40 points, so when Charmaine was asked what she would do, she smiled: "I will help to take photographs."

With Joe so enthusiastic with his kissing, is Charmaine worried about upsetting rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan? Charmaine immediately laughed and changed the subject, saying: "I will just be talking about 'Maiden's Vow' today. I hope the ratings will keep going up and leave the work arrangements to the company to arrange. (Benny has had complaints with his recent filming?) I have not been in Hong Kong recently as I have been in the mainland and New Zealand, so I haven't paid much attention to the news. I don't think he is late all the time as I have worked with him on two or three occsaions and he is not a person who is late. (Reports suggest he has been unwell?) I will call him and see how he is."

Talking of the news that TVB top lady Jessica Hsuan has changed to 'per-series' contract, Charmaine says: "She is still with TVB. (She has taken the top spot for so long, do you hope for a change around after she has signed a different contract?) You can't use the word 'taken', for her to be in this position is only reasonable for her experience. Maybe she has found a happy lifestyle, so she has moved towards 'per-series', that is what life is about. (Do you hope to take her place as number one?) Liza (Wang) is next! (She is at another level, surely it should be you next with your length of service?) There are many leading ladies at TVB and there should be no differentiation. We are all working for TVB and we all love acting, so it is not about status, it is about our interests."

Talking of his pledge to allow five minutes of free kissing if the ratings reach 40 points, Joe points out that this is just a kiss on the cheeks. Asked if he would allow a kiss on the lips if the girl was pretty, he laughs: "Let's be fair, I will still only let them kiss my cheek." With the good ratings, does this increase Joe's confidence about winning an award this year? He says: "I just give my best performance, everything else is down to the company to arrange. Although I have been in the top five each year for the last few years, I don't know if I will have a breakthrough this year as this is down to the audience response. I hope everyone will support me." He also adds that there are too many elements to consider about winning an award and it is not just something you can get by wishing for it. If he wins, he will be happy, if he doesn't, then it doesn't matter.

Asked if deep down he would like to win, Joe smiles: "No special desire really, although I have been at TVB for 13 years, I have not won anything so far and I will not hold any expectation. (With your time in the industry, then surely it should be your turn this year?) To be fair, it is not about where you are in the queue as to whether you win an award, it is all down to giving a good performance." However, Joe has just renewed his three year 'per-episode' contract with TVB, so with a contract in hand, then this may raise his chances somewhat.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Maiden's Vow: Wife gang

3D Gold Promotion in China
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TVB series "Maiden's Vow" held a promotional event yesterday in a Mongkok hotel room, where cast members, including Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Ben Wong and Sherming Yiu, all dressed in their pyjamas and the men were accompanied by two bunny girls, but the 'wife gang' led by Charmaine were on their trail to catch those who were unfaithful. In the end, the men were punished by holding up the potty or holding their ears.

Charmaine was dressed very conservatively yesterday and when the press expressed their disappointment, she smiled: "No, I am already showing off my shoulder, isn't that enough? This sleepwear is my own and I customised it last night." Charmaine says she has never been on a hunt for the unfaithful, but she found this quite fun. Asked how she would deal with her boyfriend if he had an affair, Charmaine said: "I will get a group of girlfriends together. (Have you ever suspected a boyfriend?) Everyone has been through that, but we did not split up because of this as I am not so petty. If I really did encounter something like this,then I will split up with them rather than have an argument." Asked if she would dress more sexily for her lover, she smiled: "Then we wouldn't be wearing anything! Haha!"

Joe has been with his wife for many years now and they share a stable relationship with few troubles and even when the press write gossip about him, she has never asked him about this. He does not need to explain anything to his wife either because they have a lot of trust in each other.

Joe laughs that he once played investigator for a friend and followed his wife, when he found out that she was really having an affair. He says: "My friend divorced with his wife in the end and at the time, I felt I was just helping a friend. (If a similar thing happened to you, what would you do?) I don't know what I would do and it might be different if something did happen, however I feel that catching affairs is a good thing because you find out the truth and can work things out."

Sherming was dressed in a sexy outfit for the event, but she says that she has done all the necessary preparation and is not afraid of revealing herself. She also says that at home, she wears this kind of strappy dress without a bra, but she will not have it lacy as she lives with her maid. As for whether she has ever suspected a boyfriend, she says she has, but she has never caught him because she was not brave enough. However, she says if was true, she would have split up with him.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Joe Ma in Ultraman costume, steals spotlight from Charmaine

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TVB New Series "Maiden's Vow" starring Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma gained ratings averaging at 34 points last week, so yesterday, they joined cast members Sherming Yiu, Ken Wong and Lee Ka Sing at a wishing ceremony in Ping Chau before cracking open the champagne aboard a yacht. Joe appeared wearing an Ultraman costume that showed a little of his 'lunchbox', stealing the limelight from Charmaine!
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This was Charmaine's first visit to Ping Chau and she likes the island for its comfort and peacefulness and she hopes that the ratings will continue to rise. Talking of Joe's pants, she says: "I have not paid any attention! This is not the first time I have seen him dressed like this because of the earlier filming, but I did not really pay attention to that area. (What do you think of Joe's Ultraman look?) The outfit suits him overall because he still looks cute wearing pink and being so tall. (How is his figure?) It's okay! It is unusual he looks so cute despite being so tall." Charmaine will not choose such a tall person to be a boyfriend though because during filming, she had to tilt her head up to talk to him and had to wear extra heeled shoes that were very hard work. If her boyfriend was so tall, it would be very difficult to share secrets with each other because she would have to jump up to talk to him!

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With Joe being complimented by Charmaine for looking cute, he indicated happily that he has loved Ultraman since he was very young, so to be able to dress like him made him very happy, but he laughs that the costume is only suited to be seen far apart, because if you get too close, you see a bit too much! Asked if this was because his figure is so good, Joe says: "It is not good, so you have to look from a distance, if it was good, then you can look a little closer!" Joe adds that when they were filming for "Maiden", he had a scene where he had to hand out flyers dressed in this costume in the Zoological and Botanical Gardens and a group of children who did not realise he was filming came over and started playing with him. As for whether he was embarrassed about revealing his privates a little, he says that there is nothing special because he has prepared and is wearing two pairs of underpants, so he is not thinking too much about it!
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Charmaine's Latest Function


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