Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Maiden's Vow: Wife gang

3D Gold Promotion in China
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TVB series "Maiden's Vow" held a promotional event yesterday in a Mongkok hotel room, where cast members, including Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Ben Wong and Sherming Yiu, all dressed in their pyjamas and the men were accompanied by two bunny girls, but the 'wife gang' led by Charmaine were on their trail to catch those who were unfaithful. In the end, the men were punished by holding up the potty or holding their ears.

Charmaine was dressed very conservatively yesterday and when the press expressed their disappointment, she smiled: "No, I am already showing off my shoulder, isn't that enough? This sleepwear is my own and I customised it last night." Charmaine says she has never been on a hunt for the unfaithful, but she found this quite fun. Asked how she would deal with her boyfriend if he had an affair, Charmaine said: "I will get a group of girlfriends together. (Have you ever suspected a boyfriend?) Everyone has been through that, but we did not split up because of this as I am not so petty. If I really did encounter something like this,then I will split up with them rather than have an argument." Asked if she would dress more sexily for her lover, she smiled: "Then we wouldn't be wearing anything! Haha!"

Joe has been with his wife for many years now and they share a stable relationship with few troubles and even when the press write gossip about him, she has never asked him about this. He does not need to explain anything to his wife either because they have a lot of trust in each other.

Joe laughs that he once played investigator for a friend and followed his wife, when he found out that she was really having an affair. He says: "My friend divorced with his wife in the end and at the time, I felt I was just helping a friend. (If a similar thing happened to you, what would you do?) I don't know what I would do and it might be different if something did happen, however I feel that catching affairs is a good thing because you find out the truth and can work things out."

Sherming was dressed in a sexy outfit for the event, but she says that she has done all the necessary preparation and is not afraid of revealing herself. She also says that at home, she wears this kind of strappy dress without a bra, but she will not have it lacy as she lives with her maid. As for whether she has ever suspected a boyfriend, she says she has, but she has never caught him because she was not brave enough. However, she says if was true, she would have split up with him.
Translation credit to Em.


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