Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Mag Scans

>>Charmaine Sheh<<
Charmaine's tragic character in "Dance of Passion" as well as her hauntingly beautiful sub-theme song for the series can easily make people cry. "I am not sure whether my song has been well received or not. Singing is not my strength, as I don't practice singing often. It takes a long time to practice singing for a song. It's not the same as filming a series, where you will gradually improve with more filming experience. But I am very happy to have a song that belongs to me, as I can sing it next time I perform at [an overseas] concert."

"This song was also difficult to sing as it was written to suit the pre-modern era of 'Dance of Passion.' So the diction is different than a regular modern song."

--> credit to maggie

--> credit to bebe from


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