Friday, May 12, 2006

Latest DOP Function

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Afterwards, Charmaine explained that she did not intend on 'stealing attention', but the weather was so hot and she knew she doesn't need to ride the horse. Charmaine joked that it was so hot, she felt like taking a shower. Recently, there has been a lot of rumors surrounding Charmaine, including the news that a 'L' surname tycoon gave her a Ferrari, but was rejected by her. Charmaine admit this news but said initially she doesn't know that he was rich. She said, money cannot tempt her. "I prefer to be romantic, not riches; if I have money I will buy the car on my own, though in the end I may not do so." When mentioned of her rumors with Gigi, Charmaine said she can't understand why the rumors persisted. DOP ratings has gone down lately, but still maintained the average ratings of 34 points. Charmaine said she has confidence that DOP can surpass WAB.

Even though Charmaine grabbed all the attention, Gigi praised Charmaine, saying that her thigh looks beautiful. Gigi said that it's okay to wear sexy clothes, since it's summer. Gigi explained that she doesn't wear shorts because she expected to ride horse. She worked quite last night, so she doesn't have the time to plan what to wear. Regarding her rumors with Charmaine, Gigi expressed helplessness and said that she'll take it as publicity for DOP. She was followed by paparazzi recently.
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All About Women ( Nui Yee Hung )
FunctionDate: 12/05/2006 ( Friday )
Time: 16:00
Artist: Miriam Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu, Stephy Tang, Kary Ng, Sharon Chan, Linda Chung, Vivien Yeo


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