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Some DOP Scans and Ending Speculations

According to Apple Daily News, Ada and Maggie die, Gigi and Charmaine live, but TVB did film 2 different endings for the love triangle between Ada-Bowie-Gigi, so we'll never know until the end.

Dance Of Passion Ending Of The 3 Pairs Of Lovers Revealed

From the cooperation of the cast and crew of 'War & Beauty', comes TVB big production 'Dance Of Passion'. From the first day screening, the ratings have been a breakthrough, with an average of 36 points, creating a recent year record of the highest ratings for a series premiere. It's expected that it will generate as much popularity as 'War & Beauty' and 'Jewel In The Palace'. Although 'Dance Of Passion' has only screened five episodes, but the storyline has affected the audience's moods, speculating greatly about the developments of the story. This newspaper has especially brought you the ending spoilers for the series' 3 pairs of lovers.

Ada Choi (Jiu Yuk), Bowie Lam (Yim Man Hei), Gigi Lai (Gai Ming Fung).
Ming Fung was forced to marry Man Hei, but after finding out that he was deaf, her pity turned into love for him. However Man Hei falls in love with Sung's head of family, Jiu Yuk, developing into a wrong and complicated love triangle.Later, Jiu Yuk and Man Hei's relationship is exposed, and they both have to be suffer the 'sky lamp' punishment. Luckily Sung Dong Sing (Moses Chan) realised his conscience and secretly let them both escape. Just when Man Hei, Jiu Yuk and Ming Fung are escaping, they encounter the horse bandits.

Man Hei gets blinded while trying to protect Jiu Yuk. The bandits announce that they will kill the woman that Man Hei love the most. Jiu Yuk knows that her realtionship with Man Hei will never be accepted by society, and decides to sacrifice herself. But the deaf and blind Man Hei thinks that it was Ming Fung that died. Ming Fung doesn't want Man Hei to know the truth, and so pretends to be Jiu Yuk to take care of him. It is after many years later, when they meet up with Dong Sing, that the truth is finally revealed. Man Hei is deeply moved by Ming Fung's affection, and they both take care of each other for the rest of their life.

Charmaine (Kar Chun Fun), Moses Chan (Sung Dong Sing).
It is because the infertile Dong Yeung (Kenny Wong) needs to have a heir to have the right to become head of the family, Dong Sing secretly pretends to be Dong Yeung and consummate with Dong Yueng's mistress, Chun Fun. Chun Fun doesn't know of this, and thinks that it was Dong Yeung with her. Later, Dong Yueng and Chun Fun falls in love, and has a physical relationship during a time when they both fell into a deep well. It is then, that Dong Sing tells Chun Fun that it was him on that particular night. Later on, Chun Fun suggests that they escape together, but Dong Sing is hesitant because of the revenge he wants to exact on Man Hei.Later, Dong Yeung goes off to join teh army. It is then, that Chun Fun and Dong Sing's realtionship is exposed. Chun Fun is sent to burn (the 'sky lamp' punishment). Although Chun Fun escapes, she unfortunately meets up with the horse bandits and gets raped. Many years later, Dong Sing returns to end the feud between Man Hei, and leaves the Sung clan with Chun Fun, living happily ever after.

Maggie Siu (Shu Long Yuet), Kenny Wong (Sung Dong Yeung).
Dong Yeung is constantly under guilty because of his infertility, but his wife, Long Yeut never gives up on him, and stays by his side. But after Long Yuet takes on the role of the head of the Sung family from Dong Yeung; although the deep affection stays the same, the power of being chief creates changes to her state of mind. She constantly begrudges about Dong Yeung's inabilities. Yim Man Hei's brother, Yim Man Tin (Wong Yin Zhi) returns back to take up the role of the chief head of the Yim family. Due to work purposes, Long Yuet would constantly be in contact with Man Tin, and starts to admire the way Man Tin handle matters, developing a secretly good feeling of him. Later, Long Yuet falls ill to wishful thinking mentality, and thinks she is pregnant. Not knowing of the truth, Dong Yueng thinks that she was having an affair with Man Tin, and is enraged. Later, Long Yuet's illness gets worse and worse, and at the end, she kills herself. After losing his beloved wife, Dong Yeung decides to leave the sad place.
--> this ending is just kind of speculation. Cant really take it as real


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