Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dance Of Passion Sub & Theme Full Version

To download the 黃沙中的戀人 MV, click the above picture to go to the download link

Dance Of Passion Theme (finally managed to find the FULL VERSION of the Dance Of Passion Theme by Bowie Lam)

All About Women Album. Download the song below.
01-有過去的女人 (Miriam Yeung) - La Femme Desperado Sub Theme
02-好友 (Bernice Liu)
03-黃沙中的戀人 (Charmaine Sheh) - The Dance Of Passion Sub Theme
04-幸而 (Myolie Wu) - War And Destiny Theme
05-let it flow (Stephy Tang) - Love Guaranteed Theme
06-發誓 (Linda Chung)
07-逐格重播 (Sharon Chan)
08-偏愛 (Stephy Tang & Kary Ng)
09-別怪他 (Vivien Yeo)
10-實情 (Bernice Liu) - Into Thin Air Theme
--> I really thinks that Charmaine's, Myolie's, Stephy's and Linda' song really nice

War And Destiny - Myolie Wu (DJ Version)
Download Here (1.41 minutes version of DOP Sub)


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