Saturday, March 18, 2006


Career Story: Too busy and disconnected

Among TVB lead actresses, Charmaine has filmed the most series. Last year, she filmed "Dance of Passion", "Always Ready", "Yummy Yummy" and "LWOLAP" which has just finished airing. Recently she is busy filming "Phoenix Quartet" and up till now, she has filmed a record total 150 episodes (since last year) and she will have another 70 episodes ahead of her.

Charmaine has been filming night and day, with the average of less than 4 hours of sleep time daily. Of course the thin Charmaine suffered from this but compared to many other 'strong men' who couldn't bear this kind of hardship, she is like a steel woman.

Charmaine says: "Actually, it's willpower that kept me going. I love acting and because filming takes up a lot of time, sacrifices has to be made. However, there are also harvest. My sacrifices is that compared to a regular person of my age, I have little contact with the society, there's no time to read magazine, surfing internet, I felt little 'disconnected'. As for family, it couldn't be considered as sacrifice because my mother does not live in HK. I've used to live alone since my studying days. My love life was also inferior, nothing special. I've missed a lot of opportunities because I have no time to date.

However, I also reaped harvest from my sacrifices. The 'harvest' in entertainment business are the feeling of satisfaction, successfulness, fame and fortune. The harvest you reap are of equals of what you sacrificed, everything was of sweat and blood (hard work). In the future, if I retire from entertainment business, the reason will be very simple: Because I don't want to suffer anymore, and not because I've lost interest in acting."

Hoping to get married and have children.

"If I can choose, I think I will prefer being a good wife and mother. I'm not exactly wishig for a perfect family, but every woman has such dreams. Getting married and having children are a necessary stage in life."

Actually, Charmaine can be considered as fortunate. She has worked with countless TVB lead actors and among them, three remained in Charmaine's heart because they helped her to reach a new level in acting.

"When filming 'Seven Sisters' with Gallen Lo, there was one scene where there was a long and emotional scene. At first I couldn't grasp it, but he used his own method to teach me, and I finally understand how to act.

A few years ago, I filmed 'A Herbalist Affair' with Roger Kwok. Not only he's able to immense into his role deeply, he knows how to lead you into the role as well. As for Chilam, he is a great partner, we have a lot of chemistry together. Three of them shared a common trait; they're all good men who are very faithful."
-->translation by taken from sehseh' blog. For more Charmaine's news, feel free to visit sehseh's blog at


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