Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Interesting Facts on Miss HONG KONG 1997

Miss HK 1997 : Virginia Yung Ka Shui
1st runner-up : Vivian Lee Ming Wai
2nd runner-up : Charmaine Sheh Si Man
Miss International Goodwill : Vivian Lee Ming Wai
Miss Oriental Charm : Virginia Yung Ka Shui
Miss Cosmopolitan : Virginia Yung Ka Shui
Miss Photogenic : Virginia Yung Ka Shui

In 1997, there were some of the strongest contestants in the 90s. The early favorites included Pauline Yam Po Lam who was a student of computer science at Harvard (her nickname was 'Harvard's sweetheart'), Christine Au-Yeung Miu Gi who was already a well-known model, Vivian Lee Ming Wai, and Lana Oliveriro. As the competition went on Lana Oliveriro lost some favoritism because rumors started out that she was an old gossip and she had bad manners. At the semifinals night, dark-horse contestant, Virginia Yung, won both side awards all out of the blue, and at that point, she soon became the favorite for the crown. Another favorite, Pauline Yam, was said that she would 'talk back' to Rosa Chan, the Project Manager of Miss Hong Kong, and therefore she lost her chance to be in the top 3. Just before the final night, another favourite arose: Charmaine Sheh. At the final night, Virginia took the title as expected, Vivian Lee was placed second, and the late favourite, Charmaine Sheh, was placed third. Just as the rumors said, Pauline Yam failed to be placed nor got any awards. She later told the press that she was very disappointed with the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, and she will NOT recommend anyone to participate in it ever!

<-- Top 3 of 1997
<-- 2nd runner-up, Charmaine Sheh
<-- Charmaine in swimsuit
<-- Top 12 of 1997

Interesting fact: The two shortest girls (Virginia and Vivian) out of the top 12 was placed the highest. The 3 contestants who were expected to be able to do well in international pageants were Pauline Yam, Christine Au-Yeung, and Lana Oliveriro, and they were not placed in the top 3. Pauline Lam is not only beautiful, but she has the brain, poise, figure, and eloquence. Christine is like a supermodel. Lana is considered to have one of the most striking facial features in Miss Hong Kong history.

Virginia Yung participated in Miss Universe 1998 in Hawaii. Although she was placed second in the internet voting, she failed to make into top 10. In fact, the majority of the internet top 10 failed to make the real top 10. Vivian Lee participated in Miss World 1997 in Seychelles where she was unplaced. She told the press that she was a 'lucky charm' since she was roommate of both Virginia Yung during the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and Diana Hayden of India (Miss World 1997) during the Miss World Pageant, and both won the titles. Charmaine Sheh participated in Miss International 1997, and she was not placed either.

Soon after her reign, Vivian Lee announced her engagement with Mr. Wu, the owner of Sea Horse Company, and she decided not to enter the entertainment business. But days after the announcement, magazines posted pictures of Virginia Yung holding hands with Mr. Wu. It turned out that Vivian became the victim, and Virginia broke up with her boyfriend (who is currently dating Vivian Lau, Miss Hong Kong 2000) and dated Mr. Wu. Not much later, they got married in Las Vegas. Vivian Lee disappeared in the entertainment business after her heart-broken experience. This embarrassing incident disgraced the name of Miss Hong Kong, and many people thought that Miss Hong Kong was 'cheap, shallow, and without integrity'. On the other hand, Charmaine Sheh became one of the hottest TV stars at TVB. Pauline Yam is currently a spokesperson and entertainer and she still displays grace, intelligence, and charm in TV and public appearances. She has been placed second in our 'best non-top 3 poll'. Christine Au-Yeung is now a supermodel in Hong Kong.


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