Saturday, March 04, 2006

Astro Awards Winning Series Preview

Charmaine's Message to her Fans
Download **must download**
Charmaine In Mainland Clip (Part III- EBUZZ)
Charmaine In Mainland **new**
Charmaine In Mainland II **new**
NEW LWOLAP FANMADE MV (credit to baidu)
Download **must download**
Charmaine singing Fa Fa Yu Chow in Mainland (Whole song)
Download **must download clip**
Part II of SCOOP clip in Mainland
Download **new**
Download **new**
Food For Life MV (TVB Version)
Yummy Yummy MV
Seven Sisters MV
Seven Sisters MV **new**
TVB 2006 Series Promotion (War And Beauty, Dance Of Passion, Tai Chi, etc)
Rapidshare Link **must download**
Megashares Link
Favourite Character :
Charmaine Sheh - Yee Shun (War And Beauty)
Yee Shun
Favourite Character :
Chilam Cheung - Chow Tin Chi (Point Of No Return)
Best Partner :

Chilam Cheung & Charmaine Sheh - Chow Tin Chi & Ho Sheung Hei (Point Of No Return)
Point Of No Return
Favourite Character :
Gigi Lai - Yuk Ying (War And Beauty)
Yuk Ying
Best Themesong :
Chilam Cheung - Sheung Oi Mo Mong (Point Of No Return)
Favourite Character :
Kevin Cheng - Leung Ka Ming (Hard Fate)
Leung Ka Ming
Favourite Character :
Maggie Cheung - Onn Sin (War And Beauty)
Onn Sin
Favourite Character :
Myolie Wu - Michelle Ku (Dreams Of Colour)
Michelle Ku
Favourite Character :
Raymond Lam - Kau Chong (Twin Of Brothers)
Ron Ng - Chui Chi Ling (Twin Of Brothers)
Best Mom :
Christine Ng - Fu Kwan Cheuk (Twin Of Brothers)
Twin Of Brothers
Favourite Character :
Roger Kwok - Ho Tin Kwong (To Get Unstuck In Time)
Ho Tin Kwong

Mainland Clip from TVB EBuzz


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi koecharmaine, its me again princessy u have the part when charmaine was in mainlandand and she was interviewed then, she danced ballet? if u have it,can u help me uplaod it into savefilr or filefront???thanks....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006  

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