Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Pictures Of Charmaine in DOP Celebration

Dance of Passion first episode broke ratings with 36 points
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--> a very nice attire. Suits Charmaine very well and it shows off Charmaine's sexy leg

According to the TV Reception Investigation report, the premiere of Dance of Passion has broke the record with an average of 36 points and 2.31 million audiences.
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The TVB department assistant said that in the recent years, this series has broken the highest premiere ratings. Also in this 1 hour episode, each section (15 minutes) was still 36 points. It showed that the audience had kept watching the channel and have not changed to watch another program. Plus, since yesterday was the vacation break, alot of people might be going abroad to other places so it might have affected the ratings. Right now the ratings are already 36 points and you can clearly see that the audience is anticipating this series. There is a lot of confidence that the ratings will continue to rise.
-->Translations credit to xbunnylicious from asianfanatics.


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