Friday, May 05, 2006

The Dance Of Passion Synopsis

Casts :

Bowie Lam - Yim Man Hei

Moses Chan - Sung Tung Sing

Charmaine Sheh - Ka Chun Fun

Ada Choi - Chew Yuk

Gigi Lai - Gai Ming Fung

Themesong : Bowie Lam (风沙)
Sub Theme : Charmaine Sheh (黄沙中的恋人)

The Dance Of Passion which features some big names was filmed mainly in Yinchuan, China and tells the tale of family feuds and passion.

On the Loses Plateau of Shanbei lives two clans, the Yims and the Sungs. For three generations they have lived together in peace but this changes when Yim Man Hei (Bowie) rises to power and becomes superintendent.

When Man Hei finds out about Sung Tung Sing's (Moses) feelings for a widow, he orders her to be burnt to death while Tung Sing is expelled from the Yim clan. Tung Sing descends into despair until he meets Ka Chun Fun (Charmaine).

Two years pass and Tung Sing returns home for his father's funeral. He is also determined to seek revenge against Man Hei.


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