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Review on Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre 2000 by me

Finally, i finish watching Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre 2000. Imagine this drama was filmed and broadcast in the year of 2000, I only finish watching it in 2006, just hardly 1 more days before Charmaine's 31st birthday. Basically, in this drama, Charmaine's role as Chow Chi Yuk can be divided to 3 parts, the beginning, middle and the end. For these 3 parts one word can describe her role, PITY. Why i say pity? I will review it below.

The Beginning

Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre starts off with showing many clans whether good or evil clans are fighting with each other to get the Dragon Sabre, a sword which can its' owner to rule the world according to its' legend. Later, the drama introduced two main characters, Cheung Chui San (Damian Lau) and Yan So So (Michelle Yim). They meet each other in the quest for searching the sword and fell for each other. I am gonna skip this boring love story and goes to Charmaine's part.

Chow Chi Yurk (Charmaine) made her first appearance around episode 15 (not so sure). Her father was killed by bad guys and left her alone in a ship. There, she met the teenage Cheung Mo Kei (Tang Yat Kuan). That time Cheung Mo Kei can be say that half-dead cuz he was badly hurt in his inner body by the Yuen Ming duo, who hit Mo Kei when he was small. He still survive till today cuz his grandmaster gave him his inner power daily to control the injury damage. There, the heartbroken Mo Kei saw Chi Yurk who was also very depressed due to the departure of her father. Chi Yurk gave Mo Kei a bowl of rice and tell him that, we must always filled full our stomach. Because of this words by Chi Yurk, Mo Kei finished the whole bowl of rice.

From there, they know each other but have to seperate cause Mo Kei is searching for a famous doctor to cure his inner injuries. Their next meeting is few years later, where Mo Kei (Lawrence Ng) already recover from his injuries because he learned the inner kungfu of Kao Yeung. Coincidentally, Chi Yurk and Mo Kei met each other again. Chi Yurk could not recognise Mo Kei cuz he has changed a lot but Mo Kei still remember her. Mo Kei finally confront Chi Yurk and tell her that he is Cheung Mo Kei. Both them are happy to meet back each other. Then, Mo Kei went back to Ming Sect and learned the Ming Sect's highest kungfu. At the same time, the 6 good clans includes, Mou Tong, Ngor Mei, Shaolin and others came to Ming Sect with vengeance to destroy the evil sect. All the protector of the Ming Sect including Yeung Siu (Eddie Cheung), Ying Wong (Ku Fung), Wai Yat Siew (Wong Ching) and others are badly her by those attackers.

This is the time when our Mo Kei, who have already learned Kao Yeung kungfu and Ming Sect highest kungfu to come out to save the day. He knows that all the misunderstanding was created by Seng Kuan (Gordon Liu), the master of his godfather, Tse Sun (Lok Ying Kuan). Mo Kei challenged the 6 clans masters in order to help the Ming Sect to escape from this disaster. He easily beat off all the competitor until the Ngor Mei's leader, Mit Chuet fights with him using the Heaven Sword. She actually already lost the battle to Mo Kei but she ask Chi Yurk, who is already a member of Ngor Mei to pick up the Heaven Sword and stab Mo Kei. Chi Yurk just have to obey her master's order and stabbed Mo Kei. Mo Kei did not fight back. He was badly hurt from this stab. Chi Yurk also was very sad because she was forced to stab her Brother Mo Kei.

The 6 good clans retreat after Mo Kei managed to beat them all. After this incident, Mo Kei was appointed to be the Ming Sect's leader cause he learned the highest kungfu of the sect and saved the sect's members. The sect members have been fighting with each other for the sect's leader post since the death of their last leader around 20 years ago. Without any hesitation, Mo Kei took over the leadership and became the new Ming Sect leader. After he became the leader, Mo Kei insists that the sect's members must not be fighting with each other anymore and must fight to against the Mongols.
--> The first PITY i am gonna say here is they started to introduce Charmaine's character by showing her father killed by bad guy. This shows that how pity Charmaine is in the drama cause she can rely on no one anymore. Then, her master ask her to stab Mo Kei, a person she love. She just have to obey her master order and stabbed Mo Kei.

The Middle

Then, in the middle of the story, they introduced Chew Man (Gigi Lai), the Mongolian princess who try to destroy Ming Sect cause the sect is the Mongols biggest threat. She kidnapped all the 6 clans leader and blame it to the Ming Sect so that the misunderstanding between Ming Sect and 6 clans will become worst. There again Mo Kei saw Chi Yurk, who was also been captured by Chew Man. Mo Kei planned to rescue all the 6 clans member who was trapped in a pagoda. Chew Man set the pagoda into fire and this make Mo Kei much more harder to save them. After awhile, Mo Kei managed to save almost all the leaders except for one, the Ngor Mei leader, Mit Chuet. She refused to be save by Mo Kei and fell to death. All the Ngor Mei members think that Cheung Mo Kei purposely refuse to save their leader.

In the pagoda before Mit Chuet dies, she already passed over the leadership ring to Chow Chi Yurk. She also make Chi Yurk to swear that will never ever fall in love to Cheung Mo Kei and must try to kill him. Again, Chi Yurk just have to obey what her master ask her to do because Mit Chuet was her only relative after Chi Yurk's father death and Chi Yurk respect her too much. Mit Chuet also tell Chi Yurk about the mystery secrets behind the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. This secret only known by the leader of Ngor Mei leader. Mit Chuet ask Chi Yurk to go close to Mo Kei to get the Dragon Sabre from Mo Kei's godfather. Chi Yurk just agreed. After the death of Mit Chuet, all the Ngor Mei members thinks that Chi Yurk are not suitable to be the leader because of her close relationship with Cheung Mo Kei. They re-elect a new leader and tries to kill Chi Yurk. Chi Yurk did not die and managed to find Mo Kei and seek help from him. But that time Mo Kei was planning to go the the Snake Island to save his godfather. This was a good opportunity for Chi Yurk to get close to Mo Kei and steal the Dragon Sabre. So, she followed them to the Snake Island.

After some incident happened in the island, Mo Kei decided to marry Chi Yurk. But on the wedding day, Chew Man appeared and asked Mo Kei not to marry Chi Yurk. Mo Kei followed Chew Man cause that time Chew Man knows where Mo Kei's godfather is. This action make Chi Yurk very angry and she decided to break up with Mo Kei.

--> Again, the pity part of Charmaine is when Mit Chuet ask Charmaine's to swear not to fall in love with Mo Kei. You can see that how sad and heartbroken Charmaine was when she swear. That time, you can see that Charmaine actually already love Mo Kei and yet she have to swear to kill the person she love. How pity can that be. Charmaine almost married to Mo Kei. Because of Chew Man, the wedding was cancel and Charmaine is very angry with Mo Kei and break up with him.

The Ending

At this time, Chi Yurk already got the secret behind the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. She learned the Kao Yam kungfu in the Heaven Sword and became among the ruthless and powerful martial arts leader. She have to fight with Mo Kei again in order to get Tse Sun in Shaolin. Basically, Mo Kei's kungfu is way better than Chi Yurk but Mo Kei gave her chance and lose the match to her because he does not wanna hurt her anymore. After Tse Sun being released, all the mystery solved. Mo Kei finally knew that in the Snake Island, the person who tried to kill Chu Yi and steal the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre was Chi Yurk and not Chew Man but he was not angry with Chi Yurk cuz he knows that Chi Yurk sacrifice too much for him.

When all the fighting event over, Ngor Mei's members returns to Ngor Mei. During their journey, suddenly the Yuen Ming duo appeared. They want to get the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. There, they fought with Chi Yurk and was badly hurted by the Yuen Ming Palm (the same inner injuries which hurt Mo Kei when he was a kid). Luckily, that time Mo Kei appeared and save her. Mo Kei uses his Kao Yeung kungfu to cure Chi Yurk. Chi Yurk thinks that Mo Kei is still in love with her but Mo Kei insists that he only love Chew Man alone. Eventhough four girls falls for Cheung Mo Kei but he only love Chew Man alone. This make Chi Yurk became angry cause she is too deeply in love to Mo Kei and tried to kill Chew Man. When she tries to kill Chew Man, suddenly she realise that all her kungfu is gone. She's gone mad.

Few years later, Mo Kei and Chew Man left the city. The Ming Sect leadership was passed down to Yeung Siu, who later also passed it to someone else. Meanwhile, the Ming Sect who able to overthrown the Mongols make their main jeneral, Chu Yuen Cheung as the new emperor and it is called the Ming Dynasty. Mo Kei and Chew Man live happily ever after. They met Ching Sue and Chi Yurk again in a port. That time, Chi Yurk could not recognise both of them anymore. Ching Sue explained that Chi Yurk choose to forget everything including her past and her kungfu cuz it brings her too many bad memories. So, now Chi Yurk became back the innocent and good-hearted girl like the first time we see in the series. Chi Yurk and Ching Sue also live happily ever after.


That's all for my review. My english level might not be as good as sehseh or range, but just wanna share with you guys and girls (Sorry if there is any grammatical error). Entirely, i think this series is quite good (5/5). The special effects is really good in this drama. What can i say anymore about Charmaine's character as Chow Chi Yurk. Again just have to pity her character. Like previous few show, for example, Crimson Sabre and War and Beauty, Charmaine could not ended up with the one she love. Because of her personalities like in Crimson Sabre, because she is the Ming Dynasty princess, she could not be together with Gordon Lam, who is a rebel. In this Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, because of her Ngor Mei leader personality, she again could not be together with Lawrence Ng.


Anonymous alicechen said...


Sigh. You did it! U brought all my hate back to this series. I just dont like it. But somehow I adore Charmaine's character in here. She has too much respect for her MAD annoying sifu (even in Lwolap I do NOT favor her sifu. Cant even die right.)

Her sifu is too self-conscious about herself and her ridiculous clan. Tears was building when Charmaine swored. Hic hic!

Also, I hate Mo Kei too. One blinded guy for sure. First, Lawrence is too old for this role. Ahum! Along with his poor facial expressions. Aii yaa ya... When hes mad...or happy he's the same stick.

Pity Charmaine's character. After all that happened. She ends up with the one she has no love for; But I actually pity this couple! At least, he loves her from the beginning till the end and supports her when she was crazy. Yet, if he is more of a gentlemen. I would've voted for him.

Thanks for the review Koe. Great present for Charmaine! She would be soo happy when someone is watching her ancient (2 meanings here hehe) series. :P


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