Thursday, February 23, 2006

2006 TVB Artistes Gathering

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Yesterday, TVB held its Artist Advancement Gala for 2006, which is focused on the various career opportunities and outlooks for its managed artists. Almost 50 actors appeared, including Roger Kwok Chun On, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Gigi Lai Chi, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei, Moses Chan Ho, Bernice Liu Bik Yee, Tavia Yeung Yi, Fala Chan, Angela Tong Ying Ying, etc etc. Several key actors were not present due to their film schedules. When all the artists gathered together for a group picture, Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan were singled out to pose in the center of the photo, indicating that they are still Number #1 Brother and #1 Sister at TVB.The media has been closely following Roger's marriage plans with girlfriend Cindy Au Sin Yee, but Roger said, "My work schedule is filled until October, so this year we will not get married. As we do not have a family plan yet, we will not be getting married within the next 3 years."Roger just came back from a vacation with Cindy. They were spied by the media throughout the whole duration of their trip, as many people believe that Roger will be proposing to Cindy while on vacation. "I didn't propose to Cindy. If I were to do so, I don't have to pick a specific location to do so." Was Roger upset that they were spied on by the media? "When we returned to Hong Kong and saw that we made it on the magazine covers, we were actually quite happy. Throughout the whole trip, Cindy and I did not take any photos together. But the magazines took photos of us together! I hope they will give us the negatives." Roger said that he is not angry at reporters for following them, as he understands that reporters are just doing their job and following orders from above.As Jessica posed in the center, many people laughed and said she is the Big Sister at TVB. Jessica joked and said that she is the oldest present, as she has been with TVB for 13 years.Jessica's contract with TVB will be expiring in September; she is currently negotiating the terms of her new contract. Asked the progress of the negotiations, Jessica said, "We are still discussing the terms. The most important thing is that we all work together happily. I have been able to work at TVB for 13 years because it has been a good collaboration."Also rumored couple Moses Chan and Bernice Liu appeared in matching black outfits. The reporters asked them to pose for photos together and Moses appeared to be embarrassed by all the attention. Moses was asked if he had prepared in advance to match colors with Bernice; he said, "Many people wear black; we did not discuss it beforehand." Bernice said that she wanted to appear casual, so she chose to wear black.When the reporters asked Moses why he appeared to be so embarrassed, he said, "I don't know!" Has Moses not seen Bernice in a long time? "Yes, we haven't been filming together in new series."Executive Lok Yi Ling, aside from heavily promoting Raymond Lam Fung, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, and Bernice Liu Bik Yee has also decided to assign 15 new artists to undergo "improvement classes" (such as speech delivery and acting classes). The 15 artists include Linda Chung Ka Yan, Fala Chen, etc. Ms. Lok hopes that the assigned artists will be able to improve their performing skills, leading to greater opportunities. Charmaine said that since entering the industry, "Phoenix Quarter" has been the most daring series she has filmed. When the reporters asked if rumored boyfriend Benny Chan Ho Man has been monitoring the filming of these daring scenes, Charmaine said, "It doesn't concern him!" - - - - -

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Jessica was invited to a one-time-a-year dinner by TVB along with many of TVB's signed contract artist. Artist that was present includes Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan, Bernice Liu, Ron Ng, Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheung, Angela Tong, Tavia Yeung, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Sharon Chan, Christine Ng, and Marco Ngai. When it was time for big group photo, Jessica and Roger was assigned to stand next to the executives that were present, again, showing their status as 1st brother and 1st sister of TVB.Jessica was again asked whether she would renew her contract with TVB, and she reply that her contract doesn't expire until September, so she has time. Since Jessica is currently discussing the matters of a contract renewal with TVB, it's better for her not to say too much at the moment. Jessica has been working with TVB for 13 years, and it has been "So far so good" so anything is a possibility. When she was asked if her workload was getting too heavy for her, Jessica replied that her workload isn't heavy, but what's best for her now is to find a good manager. Recently Jessica had just finish filming ????, and will be starting to film a gambling series as her next project.

Most actresses, such as Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Gigi Lai Chi, etc were dressed conservatively at TVB's Artist Advancement Gala yesterday. Charmaine appeared in a 70's costume as she is currently filming "Phoenix Quartet" with Joe Ma Tak Chung and Sammul Chan Kin Fung. Charmaine spoke in greater detail about her love scenes with Joe.Charmaine said that the new series is very challenging for her, "Earlier, I filmed a rape scene with Sammul and he was very nervous. Later I will have a shower scene with Joe. After having a few alcholic drinks, I will have a physical relationship with Joe's character in one scene."Charmaine said that since entering the industry, "Phoenix Quarter" has been the most daring series she has filmed. When the reporters asked if rumored boyfriend Benny Chan Ho Man has been monitoring the filming of these daring scenes, Charmaine said, "It doesn't concern him!"


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