Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Charmaine Up High In The Building(Translation)

Hi everyone, please forgive me if my translation is bad, because my simplify chinese is not that good. I will try my best, koecharmaine, you can edit it if you wish.


Reporters took the picture(left)of the new way, special way of wishing others the best in New Year.
On this building, that red fabric says: �???????? ????� (That means Wish Sheh See Man(Charmaine Sheh), Happy New Year, good luck in the year of the Dog)

Basically, this passage is about that saying. In Shanghai, China, there is a new way of wishing service. This new way of service allow travelers to hang up that red fabrics with words in this building called Kim Mau. This red fabrics with words is 300 meters long, and people can see far from ???(I have no idea what that is, but I know is place fro the far, like between that ocean or river is showing). From what the reporters know, this red fabrics cost more than 10000000, or 10 million Chinese Currency. And also, the first person put up this red fabric for his/her's friend's name is Charmaine Sheh ???, don't know if this happy friend Charmaine Sheh See Man had seen this.

All of these three pixs are: travelers are looking at it from the far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. i was just wondering, where does it say "Sheh Si Man" on the long red cloth? i clicked on the picture to enlarge it, but after i did, i don't see Charmaine's name. Also, do u know who made it for Charmaine? thank you!! ^^

Friday, February 24, 2006  

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