Saturday, April 22, 2006

Charmaine & Myolie Promote TVB in Shanghai

Charmaine & Myolie Promote TVB in Shanghai

Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu were in Shanghai to promote their company, TVB. During the function, the two fandans played games with the audience and performed singing. As they star in the popular TVB dramas ‘War and Beauty’ and ‘Wars of In-Laws’ and the great advertisement of TVB in Shanghai, many citizens of the city gathered to see the two Hong Kong stars. Many fans arrived early with flowers and other presents, ready to give them to their idols.

When Charmaine and Myolie arrived in Shanghai, they immediately travelled to Century Park to meet their fans. Despite the bad weather conditions of a few days prior to the function, it did not stop fans to show their warmness to the celebrities. Over 200 fans arrived early to the destination and turned from what was a peaceful park, to a noisy celebration party. During the function, a quiz game was played and the winner of this activity was given an autographed photo. At the end of the function, the two idols thanked the audience and showed off their singing abilities. Myolie sang ‘My Pride’ and ‘Actually, You Don’t Need Anything’ and although both of these songs were Cantonese, the fans still clapped along with the tune. Charmaine sang ‘Dream Lover’ which raised the excitement in the atmosphere. Screams and catcalls were heard throughout the park, showing the affection of the Shanghainese fans.
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