Monday, April 10, 2006

Latest Updates On Charmaine

Charmaine Sheh doesn’t keep a five carat diamond ring.

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Very elegant.Yesterday, Myolie Wu and Charmaine Sheh attended the opening of the ninth branch of a jewellery. They were each respectively wearing the sapphires “閃爍星群” worth 770 000 dollars and “心藍” valued at 580 000 dollars. Both of them looked very gracious wearing these jewels. In order to thank Charmaine and Myolie, they each received jewellery valued at a five digit number.

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Asked whether Myolie has ever received ornaments from others, she answered that she didn’t. She hopes that her future boyfriend will know what he has to do then. It turns out that Myolie’s stepmother has quite a lot of ornaments which will be used as a trousseau for her. Myolie also disclosed that many slimming companies has contacted her, but she hasn’t made her decision yet. When asked whether she is willing to shoot an ad in a bikini, she expressed that if it is aesthetic, she is willing to try it.

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As Charmaine has once been invited to cut the ribbon for the opening of the first branch, she was asked whether there was an increase in reward for this ninth branch. She joked that it has increased nine times. Charmaine is a filial daughter as she is planning to buy her mother a jewel. She also revealed that she has once received a five carat diamond ring. The reporter immediately asked whether it was a gift from her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan. Charmaine only expressed that it was from another friend of the opposite sex, but as she rarely wears it she has given it to her mother in the end. She was asked whether it was an engagement ring. Charmaine immediately replied that if it was an engagement ring then it should be bigger than her hand palm. Of course, money doesn’t play a role in the marriage, but she frankly said that that friend was indeed wealthy. She emphasized that her future marriage will follow the Chinese traditional ceremony. She will wear a marriage qipao (gwaa), a golden pig necklace and golden bracelets.

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